Appoints Two Industry Veterans to Lead Sales Team

Cincinnati, OH, October 29, 2020—Patient Alerting Logistics (PAL) today announced the commercial launch of its revolutionary digital communications platform connecting the complete healthcare ecosystem for crucial near real-time messaging for medical devices and other critical healthcare issues.  This first-ever computerized, managed service offering connects device manufacturers, distributors, hospitals, physicians, regulators, researchers, and patients to help promote safety and regulatory compliance. Simultaneous with the launch, PAL also named two industry veterans to lead its sales success.

PAL – Facilitating Communications Across the Complete Healthcare Ecosystem

A sophisticated, computerized communications hub, the PAL platform aggregates and shares relevant device information from traditionally fragmented sources and works continuously to ensure communication links are current, fast, and secure.  The platform can track an implanted device throughout its entire useful life, from initial manufacture to explant.  It seamlessly integrates with an EMR to automatically associate a patient with a specific device. The PAL platform replaces existing data silos as well as many traditionally disjointed manual processes, including communication through the postal system, with an advanced, automated system to ensure: Message sent. Message delivered. Every time.

Benefitting device manufacturers in particular, PAL seamlessly captures FDA-mandated device tracking information from healthcare providers and other final device distributors.  Using PAL, a manufacturer can issue a device recall in minutes, if needed.  Notifications are delivered immediately to potentially impacted patients, hospitals, and other relevant healthcare constituents, potentially sparing patient harm, lives, and legal actions. Additionally, the platform tracks information the FDA may require from vendors for post-market device surveillance. It also streamlines healthcare provider compliance with required patient information updates, supporting faster and more accurate device information flow throughout the healthcare system.

“PAL answers a significant, long-overdue need,” comments Paul Dandrow, PAL Chairman and CEO.  “Device tracking, in particular, and communications across the global healthcare ecosystem are mired in antiquated processes, diminishing quality of care and negatively impacting every stakeholder.  Even prior to our service’s launch, we have already received significant interest in our innovative service offering from across the industry.  The addition of these two strong industry sales leaders will allow us to convert that interest into continued success and rapid growth.”

Timothy Chunn, Vice President of Sales for Medical Device Manufacturers

Timothy Chunn, a 25-year healthcare technology veteran with broad IT experience, joins PAL as Vice President of Sales for Medical Device Manufacturers.  He will be responsible for formulating sales strategies, promoting PAL’s service offerings, and building long-term relationships in the device manufacturing marketplace. Most recently, as a business development director for NetApp IT, Mr. Chunn expanded the company’s global business with direct sales teams and developed new channel partners, software introductions, and analytics alliances. During his career he has also held executive leadership positions at BridgeHead Software, Dell Healthcare & Life Sciences, Symantec, and Bycast.

Perrish Dailey, Vice President of Sales for Healthcare Providers

Perrish Dailey joins PAL as Vice President of Sales for Healthcare Providers, bringing 25 years of successful sales leadership experience to the company.  Mr. Dailey will be responsible for developing and implementing field sales strategies and tactics and managing ongoing customer relationships. He excels at helping to develop and deliver new technology solutions and supporting them through outstanding sales leadership and customer service that drive exponential revenue growth. Most recently, Mr. Dailey was President and Chief Operations Officer at Rivera Group where he was responsible for complete corporate operations for the innovative cybersecurity firm.  During his career, he also held successive leadership positions focused on healthcare at Dell, culminating in Global Director for Dell Services.

About Patient Alerting Logistics (PAL)

No one should be harmed or die because of a medical intervention meant to save their life. Yet, every year thousands of people suffer needlessly due to a failure to communicate critical patient information across the entire healthcare ecosystem. A case in point is those who miss recall messages about medical devices implanted in their own bodies. Hospitals, providers, device manufacturers and many others, as well as patients themselves all must contribute to deliver the message.

PAL’s mission–and passion–is facilitating this. By eliminating the archaic, manual processes in place today, PAL closes a significant communications gap and supports comprehensive information exchange and collaboration among all healthcare constituents, improving patient safety and saving lives. PAL leverages leading edge technology, proven processes, and an innovative perspective to create an ultra-reliable, modern communications system achieving one seemingly simple but challenging goal: immediate, reliable delivery of mission critical healthcare messaging to enhance patient care. With PAL: Message sent. Message delivered. Every time.

Visit Patient Alerting Logistics at For additional information, contact Patient Alerting at 513.570.4449,, Patient Alerting Logistics 1100 Sycamore St., Cincinnati, OH 45202.


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