Netsmart has unveiled its newly developed artificial intelligence (AI) Data Lab, constructed on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The primary aim of this innovative venture is to enhance AI’s role in community-based care providers. Leveraging the robust capabilities of AWS and the Netsmart CareFabric® platform, the collaboration seeks to pioneer in the realms of intelligent automation, generative AI, predictive analytics, natural language processing (NLP), and strategic risk models. These advancements are envisioned to optimize care delivery and outcomes, particularly for human services and post-acute care providers.

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The modern AI Data Lab, constructed on AWS, fosters innovation, granting Netsmart the agility to integrate new technological capabilities swiftly. One of its preliminary endeavors includes an AI-infused digital assistant that employs cloud services. This assistant can swiftly summarize information, identify gaps in care and screenings, and propose pertinent recommendations at the point of care. Netsmart, in alliance with AWS, is further sculpting new capabilities within the AI Data Lab to amplify predictive modeling. This will empower clinicians to anticipate and potentially intervene before an individual reaches a crisis point or requires hospitalization. Another feature includes utilizing NLP to extract data from unstructured notes and voice recordings, transforming this data into actionable insights for clinicians.

The Missouri Behavioral Health Council (MBHC), an assemblage of 33 member agencies, harnesses the capabilities of CareFabric, especially the population health management platform – CareManager™. Using machine learning powered by AWS, this technology enables near real-time analytics by pulling data from varied sources, such as electronic health records (EHRs) and claims data.

Mike Valentine, Netsmart CEO, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We believe equipping providers with AI technology is the future of actionable, predictive analytics within the healthcare ecosystem. This project is only the beginning of our impactful innovation efforts with AWS, and we look forward to what’s on the roadmap.”

Predictive modeling is a key component in this collaboration. MBHC, through the Netsmart platform, can identify individuals at risk using health data and tailor interventions. With CareManager’s implementation, MBHC reported a 14% reduction in hospital costs and a 16% decrease in emergency department visits. Furthermore, they’ve initiated a health-risk profile, with the support of Netsmart and AWS, aiming to identify suicide risks, revolutionizing mental health service delivery.

Brent McGinty, MBHC’s CEO, remarked, “The work we’re doing with Netsmart and AWS has been instrumental in implementing cutting-edge analytics and technology. Through these collaborations, we are not only achieving remarkable outcomes but also setting new benchmarks for funding opportunities in CCBHCs and statewide programs.”

Netsmart and AWS are also strategizing collaborations with post-acute care providers. This involves integrating predictive analytics, enabling organizations to launch remote patient monitoring and real-time alert systems.

Highlighting the significance of this venture, Tehsin Syed, General Manager of Health AI, AWS, stated, “Netsmart is leading the way in applying AI in healthcare delivery, and their success in leveraging AWS native services for nearly a decade is rapidly accelerating our ability to deploy and add value for behavioral health and post-acute providers.”

Learn more about the Netsmart and AWS relationship via this blog post.

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