In a strategic development aimed at reducing healthcare operational costs, LAITEK, a provider of medical imaging migration services, has launched its Advanced Hybrid Migration service. LAITEK has tailored its new service to health organizations’ growing need for cost-effective data-handling solutions. By adopting a hybrid migration strategy, they aim to cut the initial and ongoing costs related to storing and managing clinical information. This approach also aims to enhance the utility of existing storage systems by extending their operational lifespan.

Fred M. Behlen, LAITEK’s President, shared insights into the pressing demand for such services, “Our customers are asking us for ways to reduce the cost and shorten time to migrate their data.” Behlen noted the growing challenges health systems face due to the expanding size of medical imaging archives and the heightened value of legacy data for AI development and research.

LAITEK’s experts work with clients to identify criteria for classifying older clinical data and determining how it should be managed. Then, instead of migrating everything, older data is moved to the LAITEK ATRIUM Keep a low-cost clinical archive that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Newer clinically relevant data is normalized, cleaned, and migrated per the LAITEK Advanced Migration process. The benefits of this strategy are:

  • Lower upfront migration costs.
  • Lower storage and related operational costs.
  • Faster completion of the migration and dependent “go-lives.”
  • Access to all data is maintained.

LAITEK will showcase its hybrid migration solution at the upcoming Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting. Here, the LAITEK team will be available to discuss the various advantages of their service offerings and how they align with current trends in cloud archiving strategies.

The healthcare sector continues to navigate the complexities of managing a vast volume of clinical image data amidst an AI boom that underscores the importance of such data for algorithm training and research. In response, LAITEK’s new service model emerges as a timely solution for organizations seeking to mitigate storage costs while maintaining comprehensive access to their clinical archives. The company’s focus on facilitating efficient data migration strategies reaffirms its commitment to addressing the specific needs of the medical community.

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