DUOS, a digital health company striving to champion the independence of senior citizens through collaborations with Medicare Advantage health plans, pulled back the curtains on their innovative DUOS+AI platform during HLTH 2023. Designed with a conversational interface driven by a significant language model (LLM), the platform tailors service suggestions based on the specific health and care determinants of older individuals, caregivers, or care managers.

health determinants

Karl Ulfers, Co-Founder and CEO of DUOS, remarked, “Our objective at DUOS revolves around tapping into AI’s potential to overcome care and health equity obstacles. Our recent launch aids in deciphering the myriad requirements of the elderly, pairing them with pertinent resources.” Ulfers further explained the variability in how aging-related issues are conveyed by the elderly and their caregivers, emphasizing the scalable nature of DUOS’ tech solution, built on countless interactions over previous years.

DUOS’ member-oriented digital application benefits users and assists care manager teams in pinpointing necessities rooted in health determinants. The process then triggers interventions to address the identified issues. By matching members’ needs with effective solutions, the DUOS+AI system streamlines the process, directing them towards relevant resources, benefits, and content. DUOS’s phone-based member assistance application is harmoniously integrated with the main user app, utilizing the foundational AI to bolster support and member interactions. A cyclical feedback mechanism ensures that all virtual touchpoints enrich the process of identifying and resolving needs.

Ulfers added, “Our AI-centric method paves the way for increased care access. It’s adept at understanding misspellings, colloquial terms, diverse phrasing styles, varying literacy levels, and even offers multi-language support.” He elaborated on the LLM’s capabilities, “It streamlines the conversion of problem statements into suitable resources, and this user-friendly, text-driven interface resonates with our objective of enabling seniors to maintain their autonomy.”

DUOS was established with a vision to aid America’s elderly in maximizing their health plans and preserving their independence. DUOS creates a nexus that connects seniors to the requisite resources and care by intertwining caregivers, healthcare providers, and health plans. Their exclusive LLM permits members to access fitting resources swiftly, ensuring personalized care through accessible plans. In partnership with DUOS, health plans can offer members a plethora of resources to tackle aging challenges, from daily essentials like transportation or grocery shopping to broader medical needs. DUOS’s reach spans all fifty states, contingent on health plan provisions.

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