Powered by A.I., Brain E-Tattoo Technology is Expected to Provide Continuous Monitoring for Uninterrupted Data Collection in Patients with Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Stroke, and More.

Brain Scientific Inc., a neurology-focused medical device and software company, has announced that it has commenced development of its proposed Brain E-Tattoo device for the brain diagnostics market, which is expected to feature temporary implanted or imprinted minimally invasive, subcutaneous graphene electrode paired with a micro EEG. The proposed device is expected to allow for long-term monitoring capabilities and uninterrupted data collection from patients with neurological conditions such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and other brain disorders.

Brain Scientific is working on safety testing, general proof of concept testing and performance testing for the Brain E-Tattoo device, prior to FDA submission.

The company’s proposed Brain E-Tattoo device is being designed to monitor brain wave activity beyond the clinical setting, with no or minimal impact to the patient’s daily life. The Brain E-Tattoo’s graphene-based electrodes would be connected to the micro EEG clipped behind the ear, which processes the signals from the sensors and wirelessly transfers data to a cloud application. Each patient’s data is secured in the cloud where the company’s artificial intelligence performs continuous analysis. Brain Scientific expects that the device will provide researchers with an affordable option to monitor, study, and continue research for numerous neurological disorders, including epilepsy, one of the most common chronic brain diseases. For epileptic patients and others facing neurological diseases, Brain Scientific hopes that the continued analysis and AI prediction will lead to a better understanding of neurological disorders.

“Our current EEG device is about the size of a stamp. By shrinking the technology, the system allows for continuous measurement during a person’s normal activities, while providing a non-intrusive way to monitor various disorders,” said Boris Goldstein, Chairman of Brain Scientific. “We believe the future of EEG testing will be centered around the ability to gather more precise data through non-invasive measures of the brain via 3D temporary imprint or implanted graphene electrodes. By utilizing graphene, which has been called a “wonder material of the 21st century”, Brain Scientific believes the size of the electrodes can be thinner than a human hair and will allow brain activity monitoring with minimal distraction from everyday life.”

Brain Scientific filed a patent application in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the Brain E-Tattoo device, entitled “INTEGRATED BRAIN MACHINE INTERFACE PLATFORM WITH GRAPHENE BASED ELECTRODES” in 2020. Upon commercialization, the Brain E-Tattoo device would join the company’s lineup of highly advanced brain monitoring products, which includes disposable EEG caps, and the NeuroEEG amplifier for routine EEG monitoring. These disposable technologies are also designed to provide clinicians with low cost, timely, and safe EEG testing options.

The ongoing global pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for clinicians to minimize contact with patients, while providing important testing such as brain scans. Studies show that more than 80% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients have neurological symptoms, which could require EEG testing. Brain Scientific believes that its technology is providing safer alternatives in testing, and the Brain E-Tattoo technology will continue to provide these advancements and to bring new innovative norms to clinicians around the globe. Additionally, the past year has brought a significant amount of attention to developments in brain implants from the likes of Elon Musk’s NeuraLink Corporation and others.

To learn more about Brain Scientific, visit www.brainscientific.com, and watch the Brain E-Tattoo in action.

About Brain Scientific

Brain Scientific is a commercial-stage healthcare company with two FDA-cleared products, providing next-gen solutions to the neurology market. The Company’s smart diagnostic devices and sensors simplify administration, shorten scan time and cut costs, allowing clinicians to make rapid decisions remotely and bridge the widening gap in access to neurological care. To learn more about our corporate strategy, devices or for investor relations please visit: www.brainscientific.com or email us at info@memorymd.com.


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