This past year we have all experienced extraordinary, lonely and isolating times, both due to COVID lockdowns and other life situations that have impacted our mental health.  There is a huge need for help, support, compassion and connections, and for the millions around the globe that need to connect with mental health professionals, but are unable to afford it or attend in person sessions with a psychologist ,Lyf, the world’s largest app-based support group, has launched its new “Lyf Support” feature today. Lyf Support aims to make speaking with a Mental Health Expert affordable for everyone.

The brand-new, “Lyf Support” feature, launching today, is designed for times when Lyfers might desire immediate professional guidance from fully qualified Mental Health Experts without having to wait for an appointment.  This can be crucial when needing help, as assistance is always available, on the users’ schedule, not based on when a medical professional might have an opening on their calendar.

Lyf Support sessions are also affordable, making access to mental health experts available to a wider range of people, including those that may have avoided seeking help due to high costs.  Sessions are available for only $5.99 for a 30-minute session, $29.99 a month for six sessions or $59.99 a month for 13 sessions. Other services charge hundreds of dollars for services that are not available on-demand, making Lyf Support a true disruptor in the professional mental health space and bringing vital mental health services to a greater audience than ever before.

“The launch of ‘Lyf Support’ means that whether you’re scared or impacted by COVID-19, battling anxiety, dealing with infidelity, coping with loss, struggling with addiction, or questioning your sexual identity, you can now have instant and affordable access to mental health professionals – 24/7,” said Eddie Wittenberg, Co-Founder & CEO of Lyf.  “With Lyf, you’re provided a world of support in the palm of your hand.”

Lyf Support is available as a text-based service, as many people in need may not feel comfortable conducting video or voice calls with a professional. Texting offers extra anonymity, while allowing those in need to easily convey their thoughts, no matter where they are or who may be nearby.  In addition, as the use of emojis to convey emotions has boomed, those using the service can use both words and symbols to let the mental health professionals know their feelings. All sessions are saved, so users can go back and read the transcripts and have the information conveyed during their sessions always at their fingertips.

Lyf’s mission of inclusivity and improving the mental health of the world isn’t just limited to its paid services. Lyf understands that today’s world is full of challenges, struggles and questions and the app was created so nobody has to face their issues alone.  Outside of Lyf Support, their judgment-free social media community of tens of thousands, allows people to easily connect with others that are going through exactly what they are and receive free support from the community. No matter what someone’s struggle or interest, real people are talking about it together on Lyf.

Lyf and COVID-19

With COVID lockdowns starting one-year ago this week, Lyf has provided a vital resource to help anyone that experiences anxiety, loneliness, fear, isolation and more.  The platform is an easy-to-access resource to discuss issues and emotions, or simply vent feelings.

Lyf “Experiences”

On the app, users can post their experiences. These can include a users’ obstacles as well as their achievements – and because there’s no shortage of what life can throw at you, users can create as many experiences as they want, for any topic.

Each Experience is its own discussion on its own topic and features its own timeline and privacy settings.  Experience creators can choose to share with select people, with the entire Lyf community, or choose to be completely anonymous. There are currently hundreds of thousands of Experiences on the app and new ones are being added every day.

About Lyf

Lyf, available for free for iOS and Android, is a self-care community that always has your back. Lyf users, called Lyfers, are never alone as they can connect with others currently on the same path as well as those who are on the other side of what they are going through. Lyf features interesting people and stories improving their well-being through community.  The app’s Lyf Support Mental Health Experts provide confidential, unbiased, expert guidance around all aspects of life.  Lyf makes this world just a little less lonely and is confidential, free and always there for you. More information can be seen at:


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