Teleradiology Developments in the UK/Eire – White Paper:

This white paper takes part of the UK and Eire country analysis from Signify Research’s upcoming market report “Teleradiology – World – 2020”. It is one of 21 different countries and regions on which a deep-dive analysis is presented. Within this white paper and for the above-mentioned report, each regional analysis presents:

  • An overview of the current Teleradiology market status
  • Factors driving future market developments (technology, legislation, etc.)
  • An overview of the leading Teleradiology vendors in the region/country

The above-mentioned report also includes market estimates and forecasts for each country/regional market by product type (software, services, hardware) and modality. At a regional level the reading services market will be further segmented by function and vertical, and the software market will be further segmented by architecture (on premise and cloud)

Signify Research has a high degree of confidence in the UK and Eire analysis market data presented in this white paper, based on government statistics (NHS England Diagnostic Imaging Dataset, NHS Hospital Episode and OECD) and vendor information.

Teleradiology White Paper V1

Contributed by Signify Research