Soter Analytics, a provider in the development of ergonomic technology preventing workplace musculoskeletal disorders, announces the release of their ATEX certified wearable device.

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Adding to their suite of ergonomic technology solutions, the multinational company is now offering these pint-sized wearables to high hazard industries in the European Union, Australia and the United States. ATEX certification is an authorization required for protection in hazardous environments and explosive atmospheres and is given to equipment tested and approved to be intrinsically safe.

Boasting only a total weight of 20 grams and 2x3cm, this wearable packs a huge punch with its multipronged features to prevent back and shoulder injuries from occurring. Starting with the worker, providing personalized training with real-time biofeedback choices from audible, vibro-tactile, and visual and offering on-the-job [no down time required], micro learning manual handling tutorials. All the data collected is available on a visually pleasing accompanying smart phone application as well as a dashboard for management, showcasing key metrics on an aggregated or individual level.

“Meeting ATEX certification health and safety requirements has been a rewarding and satisfying experience. To now safely be able to offer our product to high hazardous industries extends our reach and goal as a company to build the world’s first end-to-end ergonomic injury prevention program,” says CTO and Co-Founder of Soter Analytics, Alexey Pavlenko.

With its remote distribution abilities and now with ATEX certification, there is very little stopping this ergo technology from continuing to disrupt the status quo in the manual handling training sector. Aside from the technology increasing worker wellbeing and promoting behavioral change with its personalized coaching, the data collected on a company and individual level provides insights that pinpoint areas of risk on an ongoing basis, ensuring continuation of safe practices.

Workplace ergonomic injuries such as back and shoulder musculoskeletal disorders are a worldwide problem with $140 billion annual cost to developed countries. With 2-3% of workers suffering back and shoulder injuries each year, Soter Analytics provides a 360-degree technology platform that leaves no areas exposed, yielding all the solutions to keep manual handling workers safe.

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