Fident Health is the new name of TeleHealth Solution, a leading provider of virtual hospitalist telehealth services to rural and suburban hospitals and post-acute care centers. Fident Health brings a scalable solution to rural hospitals that delivers timely, accessible, and state-of-the-art care to their communities.

“Many hospitals outside of major metropolitan hubs are under threat of closure, due to various factors,” says Denise Brown, M.D., CEO of Fident Health. “These facilities play a vital role in caring for the growing number of Americans who are choosing to live in rural communities. We offer these hospitals a virtual solution to support their operations, keeping them viable and their communities safe and vibrant.”

Rural hospitals provide vital medical services for the 21% of Americans who choose to live in small towns and communities. But despite their importance, almost 30% of them are currently at risk of closing due to the financial pressures of high fixed costs alongside low or even negative margins. This reality puts limitations on their capability to properly engage with patients and maintain adequate standby capacity without putting additional strain on clinicians.

Fident’s unique subscription-based model for virtual hospitalist services helps rural hospitals overcome these challenges. Subscriptions are customizable and scalable to match the needs and capabilities of each facility. Best-in-class telehealth software integrates a highly experienced hospitalist team with the hospital’s own staff, making services available 24/7 on nights, weekends, and holidays.

Fident’s team steps in when the hospital’s services are capped, handling admissions, cross-cover, and even optimizing swing bed utilization to free up clinicians’ time. Seamless integration into local workflows ensures continuity of care, lowers fixed costs for on-site care, reduces staff burnout, enhances patient and staff satisfaction, and optimizes operations and bed utilization. Fident’s support reduces cost-per-hour-per-clinician rates by more than 50%. With hospitals retaining all of the billing rights for services, facilities see savings averaging $750,000 to $1 million annually.

One of the founding members of the hospitalist profession, Dr. Brown is keenly aware of the changes and demands within the marketplace and the community that make Fident Health’s solution so important.

“It is important to understand that Fident Health does not replace in-person hospitalists; instead, we are virtual practice partners who augment local practices, expanding their bench of clinicians,” she notes. “As a result, hospitalists enjoy work-life balance, and our hospital partners achieve predictable cost-effective coverage solutions. We are dedicated to bringing the digital age to rural hospitals across America.”

Fident is a virtual hospitalist provider dedicated to delivering high-quality telemedicine care in rural communities of America. They partner with small and community hospitals and post-acute care centers to augment their workflows, reduce costs, and build confidence and trust by working collaboratively with staff to deliver tele-hospitalist solutions customized to their local needs. A unique subscription model with reassigned billing rights allows hospitals to avoid unplanned provider/locums costs, freeing up resources to be used elsewhere in the community. Through their technology platform and highly qualified and experienced hospitalist team, Fident is bringing the art of healing into the digital age with scalable solutions for inpatient care that are delivered locally – helping to ensure that the future of the nation’s small-town hospitals and communities remains viable. Visit for more information.

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