Miiskin’s new telehealth solution securely stores and forwards high definition images to the healthcare provider to add clarity and value to in-person and virtual appointments.

Miiskin, a skin tracking digital health platform, today launches a sophisticated new telehealth solution designed to be both patient-centric and clinically valuable by streamlining the process of patients taking high-res photos of their skin and sending them to providers. The Miiskin Pro solution uniquely combines Miiskin’s advanced, patient-centric features that make taking high-quality skin photos easy to do on your own with the store-and-forward technology healthcare providers are seeking.

The information exchange of high-quality images, commonly known as store-and-forward, is of growing clinical importance in the dermatology space, as patients are empowered to proactively manage their health, remote patient monitoring is increasingly viable and virtual, and video consultations are in higher demand as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Research shows that store-and-forward solutions come with a number of advantages to live video conferencing, including more privacy and increased flexibility to both patients and clinicians. Research also concludes the use of high-quality images in virtual consultations comes with a high patient satisfaction.

With Miiskin Pro, providers can offer free use of Miiskin to their patients and then access the high-quality photo diaries of patients’ moles and wider skin areas. High quality photos taken over time can improve medical decision making during all types of consultations. A photo diary of skin health fills in the gaps to supplement what the clinician sees and is told in the physical or virtual appointment. In virtual consults, these photos can also alleviate issues with video quality that are challenging for observing conditions. Patient self monitoring of their skin in between either in-person or virtual appointments allows them to identify concerns which need discussion with their dermatologist, simultaneously improving care and creating additional revenue opportunities for the clinic. In addition, Miiskin can assist dermatology providers to identify and engage with new patients who are already using Miiskin in their locality.

Miiskin is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Providers can easily access the photos through the Miiskin platform or via integrated  electronic health record (EHR) providers. Miiskin users and their healthcare providers can confidently leverage the app to ease the burden of communicating skin concerns knowing their personal information is safe.

Miiskin launched for consumers in 2015 to track skin changes on their own using photos as a way to keep up with skin self-examination recommendations. A partner of The Skin Cancer Foundation, Miiskin has been recommended by dermatologists for its focus on accurately capturing images of the skin for up-to-date skin health history without making diagnoses. Patients love how easy the app is to use, including its voice-guided, hands-free full-body photo capture feature, Automatic Skin Imaging, used to track wide-areas of skin where it can be challenging to catch a new mole or concerning change.

“I’m a passionate advocate of Miiskin’s platform for patients and am thrilled about the seamless store-and-forward capabilities for a number of reasons. Chief among them is Miiskin’s ability to improve in-office medical decision making of dermatologists. With thousands of users taking photos of their skin every month or so, the impact of this app is clear: offering patients useful digital tools at no cost to them can help dermatologists improve the quality of in-office care. Providing better care to patients is advantageous to any practice,” said Dr. Andrew Weinstein, Dermatologist at Boynton Beach Skin. “Miiskin’s robust patient network, alongside the platform’s secure and thoughtfully designed technical features, gives dermatologists confidence that this app will improve patient care.”

“Our HIPAA-compliant integration into practices has been a goal for Miiskin since the beginning of our journey, and we’re thrilled to launch this important solution to dermatologists and their patients,” said Jon Friis, founder of Miiskin. “Skin cancers and other concerning spots or lesions don’t discriminate. Patients use our platform as a simple way to be diligent about skin health and are the first line of defense in identifying concerns to bring to the provider. Empowering dermatologists and patients to better interact in addressing these concerns is a big step toward ending skin cancer mortality.”

For more information and to see how Miiskin can benefit your patients and practice, visit www.miiskin.com or contact doctors@miiskin.com.

About Miiskin

Founded in Denmark, Miiskin is the most popular consumer skin tracking platform in the world (500,000 users), widely recommended by the dermatology community (160 clinical partners) and a partner of The Skin Cancer Foundation.

The app simplifies the self-examination process that is crucial to providing doctors with essential health information during checkup appointments. Deploying the latest in machine learning, computer vision and augmented reality, Miiskin reminds and empowers users to take individual and full-body photographs of the skin. Miiskin is the only skin tracking app in partnership with The Skin Cancer Foundation. Miiskin can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, with advanced features available for a 30-day trial. For more information, visit www.miiskin.com

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