Imhealthytoday, a Covid-19 protection program headquartered in Miami, Florida, announces the launch of Vaccination Wallet, their latest screening tool now included in their program.

Imhealthytoday was launched in March 2020. The program’s success results from the combined experience and expertise brought by EliteHealth, a leader in value-based healthcare for the last thirty years, and 1.800MD, one of the nation’s oldest and largest telemedicine companies with over 3 million members.

Imhealthytoday is a turn-key complete solution combining proprietary screening and monitoring algorithms, integrated telehealth, expedited COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, population health status real-time reporting, visitor screening, on-site vaccination, surveillance testing, and now with the addition of the Vaccination Wallet tool; it offers secure real-time vaccination tracking.

The Imhealthytoday Vaccination Wallet

The Vaccination Wallet is an innovative tool that enables Imhealthytoday members to digitally store their vaccination records eliminating the need to carry sensitive information.

This feature will allow members to securely carry their vaccination certification on their phones and have it accessible at all times.

In-depth vaccination information like vaccination certificates, date, dose stage, and renewal date will be available at the Population Health Status Dashboard. This feature can be activated or deactivated at the dashboard level, offering flexibility to adapt to the different organization’s policies regarding vaccination.

Imhealthytoday was and will be instrumental in helping organizations from all industries, including schools, summer camps, restaurants, trade shows, universities, and many more, to get back to life with confidence.

The strategies developed by our medical experts are under the understanding that this is an evolving crisis that requires evolving tools. Our program focuses not only on what to do now but what to do next, protecting our members from uncertainty and risk.

Beyond empowering clients to respond to the challenges of COVID-19 effectively, Imhealthytoday allows them to take the first step in safeguarding their organization and be ready for any future disruption.

“As the scenarios continue to change, those who decided to arm their companies with risk control programs and expert medical guidance will be ready to lead the charge with insight and agility,” said Imhealthytoday CEO and COVID-19 expert Steven Schnur, MD.

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