Expands the ability of health systems to improve the management of patients under care.

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Illuminate, Inc., the provider of software that unlocks vital unstructured clinical information lost in the EMR that can drive patient care improvements, announces the ability to identify more types of aneurysms. Illuminate ActKnowledgeTM can now identify patients with iliac, popliteal, visceral, and other common aneurysm types. This enhances the existing ability of ActKnowledge to identify mentions of other types of abdominal and thoracic aorta aneurisms, enabling more comprehensive management of these patients. The breadth and depth of this expanded capability is an industry first and advances the ability of health systems to identify and manage patients who can benefit from disease specific follow-up care and ongoing surveillance.

This significantly expanded capability is made possible by combining Machine Learning (ML) with Natural Language Processing (NLP) intelligence to enable identification of these critical pathologic conditions in the free text of clinical reports and physician notes that are stored across multiple clinical IT systems, including the EMR. These algorithms consist of thousands of additional rules that ensure accurate identification of these patients, whose testing and training occurred at seven clinical sites and involved hand labeling over 35,000 patient records.

“Arterial aneurysms are a silent killer in the United States and have a far superior outcome if diagnosed early, BEFORE they become symptomatic” states Dr. Steven P. Okuhn, Chief Medical Officer of Illuminate, Inc. “Surveillance of these patients with risk free ultrasound studies improves survival rates across the board.”

Illuminate ActKnowledgeTM provides the foundation for a screening and surveillance program by simplifying and automating the identification of at-risk patients in the EMR. It can also enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the nurse navigators, to improve patient outcomes and the quality of care, by automating the inefficient manual process of patient identification and tracking.

ActKnowledge is part of the Discovery 360TM services that combines the skills of our nurse navigators with our process, and technology to make it easy for vascular surgery to start an aneurism surveillance and screening program. Benefits Include:

  • Fewer patients lost to follow-up care
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Additional imaging and surgical revenue
  • Greater physician and nurse navigator productivity

Other Illuminate applications include:

  1. InSight – Search driven access to any clinical report.
  2. PatientView – Patient clinical documentation indexing and viewing.
  3. Analytics – Fact-based monitoring of scheduling and resource allocation.

“This is the next step in building out our enterprise platform to enable health systems to simplify management of a wide range of life-critical diseases,” states Matt McLenon CEO of Illuminate. “We will continue to expand our capability to identify many other disease states that require improved patient management.”

About Illuminate, Inc.

Illuminate was created by software engineers who are passionate about partnering with physicians to develop solutions that make their jobs easier and optimize patient care. We’ve built our entire business around helping health care practices thrive in an increasingly digital world. Physician-driven innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Illuminate. From superior health outcomes and administrative efficiencies to improved compliance. Illuminate applications lead the way in helping doctors, hospital administrators and academia focus on what they do best: deliver outstanding patient care. Illuminate software is developed exclusively in America by a diverse, multi-cultural team of experts. Visit https://www.illuminate.ai/ to learn more.

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