Automated consumer-centric engagement capability to debut at industry event

Indianapolis, IN – October 23, 2019 – Healthx, Inc., the leading healthcare engagement company, will introduce its Omnichannel Experience Platform (OXP), Healthx OXPsm, at the HLTH 2019 Conference, October 27 to 30 at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.  Healthx OXP connects healthcare payers, members and providers for omnichannel information exchange and cost-effective plan outreach through conversational artificial intelligence (AI).

Healthx OXP automates engagement with constituents over their current and future preferred digital pathways, including web, telephone, text messaging, email, and mobile applications. Future support for smart speakers and hybrid “talk, tap, swipe” devices is planned. OXP delivers a true omnichannel experience with seamless, unified interaction across touchpoints. Users no longer need to backtrack and restart conversations when transitioning from one channel to another.

The OXP platform combines content management, conversational AI, and data integration with its support for multiple communication channels. This enables payers to deliver automated, intelligent responses to information requests and initiate outbound conversations containing calls-to-action such as closing a gap in care, opportunities to save with telemedicine, and promotion of in-network urgent care and retail clinics. OXP can be implemented with any third-party or internally developed web portal. Additionally, payers realize immediate return on investment through call center cost savings, containing at least 50% of inbound member and provider telephone calls, web chat sessions, and email inquiries.

“Today’s empowered consumers are making their own health insurance decisions and reasonably expect the same level of customer service and convenience from their healthcare payer as they experience in other consumer-centric industries,” comments Mike Gordon, chief strategy officer at Healthx. “Consumers want immediate answers to questions about their benefits and help with decisions at their fingertips using their preferred device and digital channel. OXP addresses that need through the use of AI bots to create a superior consumer experience while reducing payer administrative costs through automation.”

Gordon adds, “In addition to member retention, a superior member experience is important due to its impact on Star Ratings and HEDIS scores, which rank payers from Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage, and commercial plans.”

For providers, OXP automates conversations by telephone, web chat, and email to answer questions about member eligibility, the status of claim payments, and claim details. OXP can also send copies of information to providers by fax if requested.

Leveraging Next Generation Technology

Gordon explains that OXP currently harnesses the power of advanced natural language processing and conversational AI to interact with members and providers through telephone, text messaging, web chat, and email. “OXP’s data integration layer makes data from core administration and care management systems accessible to the bots,” he says. “Then it adds the conversation to the payer’s CRM system via API integration, giving service representatives the information they need about recent interactions if a live call or transfer occurs.”

About Healthx

Healthx, Inc. is the leading healthcare engagement company focused on delivering an exceptional consumer experience. With over 275 integrations, its current solutions are used by healthcare payers to manage more than 27 million lives and by over 300,000 provider users. The company’s new Healthx OXPsm platform will engage and activate constituents by orchestrating interaction between members, payers, and providers through their preferred digital pathways.

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