Harmony United Psychiatric Care, a multi-city behavioral health practice and Genomind®, a provider of comprehensive digital mental health solutions, are teaming up to provide the newest tools for precision mental health services in Florida. The mental health crisis has worsened during the pandemic and the need for more access and new tools has never been greater. In fact, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, about 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder during the pandemic, up from one in ten adults who reported these symptoms from January to June 2019.

Harmony United has nine locations across Florida and is staffing up and upgrading its services to meet the growing demand of both physical and telehealth appointments. Approximately 50% of Harmony’s patient visits are now conducted via telehealth, as the pandemic has helped drive adoption of this important care access point.

The number of people taking prescription medications is growing fast too. A record 65 million people took a mental health medication in 2020, and overall use of anti-depressant medications increased 7.9% over 2019. Given that about 50% of people fail their first mental health medication and that trial and error can be a painful and costly process, Harmony United sought to provide more progressive services to help enable better outcomes and save the healthcare system money and precious resources. Genomind’s studies showed that 87% of patients experienced clinical improvement and a major national commercial insurer saved $2,000 per member in the first 6 months when clinicians used the Genomind PGx test.

Harmony United chose Genomind over all others as they offer the most advanced and comprehensive precision services available. Genomind’s Professional PGx Express™ provides comprehensive prescribing guidance for over 130 medications, 14 conditions and the results and services are good for life. Genomind’s new state-of-the-art, patent-pending, precision medication management software, GenMed✓ Pro™, provides guidance on gene-drug and drug-drug interactions, and is designed to help clinicians make safer and faster prescribing decisions. The new tool was specially designed for high-volume offices and complex patients like the Medicare population, who often experience polypharmacy. A recent coverage determination from Medicare means that Genomind Professional PGx Express is now fully covered. GenMed✓ Pro includes 95% of the most commonly prescribed medications, including non-psychiatric drugs, making it particularly valuable in this population. Interestingly, 81% of prescribers say that the new GenMed✓ Pro™, software has influenced their decision on drug selection or drug dosing for their patients.

Harmony United has integrated Genomind’s Professional PGx Express and new GenMed✓ Pro™, software into its electronic medical record system, Medent. Now all of their clinicians have easy access to ordering the tests, reviewing the results, and using the software.

“We are motivated to help meet the growing need for mental health care by adding more locations and staff and upgrading our services. Genomind’s genetics and digital mental health services help our clinicians quickly analyze complex genetic and medication interactions and make decisions that we think are best for our patients’ unique biochemistry. They are incredibly useful tools to help us make better and safer medication choices,” said, Dr. Adil Mohammed, CEO of United Harmony Psychiatric Care.

About Harmony United Psychiatric Care

Harmony United Psychiatric Care provides outpatient mental health and psychiatry services in Florida through in-person visits and virtually through their secure online telehealth platform. Their team of mental health professionals includes psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioners, certified physician assistants, and licensed therapists now using some of the most progressive approaches in mental health. They care for adults, adolescents and children, ages 5 and above. Each client is treated with compassion and respect. They strive to provide the best treatment possible through individualized care and believe in each person’s potential for personal growth. They accept most forms of insurance, including Medicare. https://www.hupcfl.com/

About Genomind

Genomind is a precision mental health company singularly focused on filling the innovation gap in mental health care through novel, genetics-based tools. Supported by a world-class genetics lab, a unique heritage of clinical mental health expertise, clinical collaboration and consultation, state-of-the-art digital tools and telemental health enabling services, Genomind is empowering a new standard of care. Its flagship product, Genomind® Professional PGx Express™, is the most comprehensive pharmacogenetic testing service helping medical professionals personalize patients’ mental health treatment. The Company also recently launched GenMed✓ Pro™ – Genomind’s Smarter Precision Gene-Drug Interaction Software. This advanced medication management software was designed to help health professionals make safer prescribing decisions with speed and precision. In 2020 the company introduced the Genomind Mental Health Map™ – a breakthrough direct-to-consumer test that enables a new and better understanding of the biological basis of mental wellness, coupled with personalized actionable guidance to help people improve health and wellness. Learn more at https://www.genomind.com/.

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