Combined Company Now Serving More than 70,000 Healthcare Professionals and over 5 Million Patients

Fullscript, a care delivery platform for integrative medicine, today announced it has completed the acquisition of Emerson Ecologics, a long-standing player in the integrative healthcare industry. This transaction nearly doubles the annual revenue of Fullscript and doubles the number of integrative medicine patients and practitioners Fullscript supports to more than 70,000 healthcare professionals and over 5 million patients.

“This acquisition is a giant step toward bringing integrative medicine into the mainstream. It provides Fullscript with the scale and technology to arm practitioners with the tools they need to practice health promoting medicine,” said Kyle Braatz, CEO at Fullscript. “Both Fullscript and Emerson Ecologics have always been committed to supporting practitioners in the delivery of care, and we know that as one entity we can create tremendous value and growth for the entire ecosystem, from partners to practitioners to patients; we are going to help a lot of people get better.”

According to Fullscript, the platform now provides access to additional key professional grade supplements and wellness brands, diagnostic testing and an expanded distribution network to enhance the practitioner and patient experience. In addition, Fullscript will continue its extensive investment in treatment adherence, personalized care, and cutting-edge clinical research to support the advancement and spread of integrative medicine, which grew at a 25% CAGR between 2012 and 2020.

“With the continued rise of chronic, often reversible diseases, the conventional model of patient care is ripe for disruption, and Fullscript is helping drive that change,” added Dr. Jeff Gladd, Chief Medical Officer, at Fullscript. “Integrative medicine, a philosophy of care built on a foundation of health promotion rather than simply the management of disease, allows providers to partner with their patients and guide individual health journeys founded on the core principles of health: nutrition, movement and mindfulness.”

Fullscript has been the pre-eminent platform for leading the delivery of the integrative care movement by providing evidence-based supplement recommendations and distribution to support providers’ healthcare delivery along with patient content unique to their health journeys. The acquisition provides Fullscript with opportunities to further scale the business and drive product innovation that allows practitioners to spend more time caring for patients while enhancing their patients’ engagement with their own wellness.

About Fullscript

Fullscript is a care delivery platform for integrative medicine practitioners offering access to personalized treatment planning, ongoing wellness education, and healthcare’s best supplements and wellness products. With over a decade of development and used by more than 70,000 healthcare professionals serving over 5 million patients, Fullscript delivers the scale, technology and expertise to support the growth of integrative medicine and delivery of high-quality care. For more information, visit

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