What’s the Deal about 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of cellular wireless/mobile technology. The question is how did we get to 4G and how will we move to 5G?

Each generation of mobile technology has included a core network, a radio access network (RAN), and end-user devices. The first generation (1G) was built from nothing. Every subsequent generation (2G, 3G, and 4G) has been incrementally built on top of the preceding generation. This is the only logical approach given the financial burden of deploying an entirely new network prior to generating any cash flow from it. No generation change has resulted in an immediate hard cut over. Instead, a portion of the current generation RAN is taken out of service in order to make room for the initial deployment of the new RAN — with the new RAN operating with the existing core network. After a sufficient number of end-users transition to the new generation, then the core network is upgraded and the remaining RAN is transitioned. Once the transition is complete, that generation is then homogenous and ubiquitous. This will happen with 5G too. www.bboxservices.com


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