By: Manuel Iglesias, President, Healthtech Solution |

  • Cloud-based SaaS software can now transform 2D analog ultrasound images into 3D HD quantifiable formats
  • Growing list of applications include use by primary care physicians, specialists, support staff, sports trainers, EMS personnel and technicians in isolation wards and emergency rooms

The United States medical imaging market size was recently valued at $134 billion ( and is expected to continue growing as part of the healthcare industry’s digital transformation.

Part of this transformation now includes primary care physicians, specialists, sports professionals and emergency medical services personnel being able to produce high-quality 3D digital medical images with an analog ultrasound machine through Healthtech Solutions’ (OTC: HLTT) Medi-Scan cloud-based software.

Now, 3D medical images of any body part that ultrasound technology can access, can be viewed on the technician’s desktop computer, monitor, tablet or mobile phone.  This includes vital organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, gallbladder and spleen, along with tendons and skin. The imaging conversion technique reconstructs analog two-dimensional grayscale visual images into digital three-dimensional, high-definition quantifiable formats in roughly one minute.

This has the potential to bridge the image quality gap between ultrasound technology and the significantly costlier and resource-intensive MRI, CT, and X-ray imaging techniques. The technology will empower medical professionals by providing them with data-driven metrics that enhance decision-making at the point of service. Office-based medical physicians and sports therapists will leverage the technology onsite along with emergency medical services professionals who work on-call in remote areas. Besides providing analytics to analyze the patient’s pathology or trauma, this technology will facilitate treatment option decisions, help medical professionals monitor ongoing progress or regress, and assist with document compliance to ensure that all assessments meet required protocols and procedures.

This technology is a medical software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) – a model used widely in the healthcare sector whereby software is licensed on a subscription basis through a centrally hosted cloud-based vendor. Along with its use for clinical information systems, SaaS is gaining software market share in supply chain management, billing services and revenue cycle management. Favored by organizations of all sizes, SaaS is ideal for smaller operations looking to leverage world-class infrastructure without investing in external hardware or IT services.

Soon, first responders and all medical professionals will have access to cost-effective, high-quality 3D imaging software across the entire healthcare industry. A growing list of use cases, coupled with increased demand for detailed medical imaging, provides a promising opportunity for the company to develop and distribute its medical imaging solutions to physicians, technicians and therapists across a wide range of specialties in the healthcare space.

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