ObservSMART, a patient safety compliance tool, continues to rollout the company’s technology to health care institutions to help ensure safety with consistent monitoring and observation of patients in behavioral health units.

ObservSMART is part of InvisAlert Solutions, which develops products designed to improve patient safety and quality of care for high-risk patient populations, including those with depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies.

“The technology has helped our mental health technicians and our nurses provide more timely and accurate patient safety checks that are seamlessly integrated into electronic medical record flowsheets,” said Houston Methodist’s Heather Chung, RN, MSN, PhD, associate chief of nursing. “This real-time integration allows for improved patient outcomes because the treatment team can quickly review patients’ time spent in the day area, group attendance, mood and sleep hours. The technology helps staff achieve 100 percent compliance with patient safety checks,” she said.

Designed by and specifically for behavioral health and addiction treatment professionals, ObservSMART is a proximity-based patient check system that syncs a patented tamper-resistant wristband and tablet. The Tablet provides real-time reminders for staff to complete their required patient checks. The staff member needs to be within a certain proximity of the patient in order to make their check. Supervisors receive alerts for missed observations and other safety concerns, allowing them to intervene and mitigate risk. The system provides meaningful data and reporting for leadership and staff.

“ObservSMART will help mental health care units improve patient safety, staff communication, and accountability to deliver the highest quality of care to their patients,” said Christopher Dunn, Senior Vice President of InvisAlert Solutions. “Integrating our technology at hospitals like Houston Methodist, part of the world-renowned Texas Medical Center, will assist patients suffering from behavioral health challenges and put ObservSMART on the map as a leading solution to care for at-risk patients.”

For more information about ObservSMART, visit https://www.invisalertsolutions.com/observsmart/.

About InvisAlert Solutions, Inc.

InvisAlert Solutions, Inc. was founded by two women determined to find better ways to improve patient safety.  A pioneer in developing healthcare products that enhance patient care and quality, InvisAlert Solutions leverages technology, people, and process to solve critical problems in high-risk healthcare settings. Its innovative tools are designed to meet the demanding requirements of complex workflows, the essential needs of communication, and safety compliance. For more information about InvisAlert Solutions, visit www.invisalertsolutions.com.

About ObservSMART

ObservSMART is InvisAlert Solutions’ patient safety compliance tool that ensures patient safety by validating and documenting patient safety checks. Its proximity-based system ensures that patients are observed at the required interval, meeting the standard of care for vulnerable patients in behavioral health, substance recovery, and the ER. ObservSMART patient-check system delivers reliable compliance and reduces risk, errors, and costs related to sentinel and non-sentinel events. For more information, visit www.invisalertsolutions.com


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