CrossTx, a provider of cloud-based health and human services network technology platform supporting patient discharge planning and referral management, care coordination and care management for Medicare value-based programs reports a number of successful Critical Access Hospital client implementations across multiple states. With an emphasis on empowering rural health care organizations and networks, CrossTx’s Client Success team recently ensured valued partners are achieving an ongoing, robust return on investment (ROI).

According to the company, CrossTx’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) solution helps hospitals and health centers around the nation secure reimbursement for a range of Medicare-based services. The company and its strategic partner, HealthTechS3, jointly configure and deliver a turnkey, cost-effective, and robust CCM compliant solution that supports superior patient care while generating greater revenues for rural hospitals.

Chad Nybo, CrossTx’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer recently shared, “We are proud of our compelling track record of Medicare, value-based CCM solutions deployed in over seventy (70) Critical Access Hospitals and regional health centers across the United States.” The company’s founder emphasized that “the evidence as to the value of the CrossTx CCM cloud-based offering is explicitly apparent by so many great partners that benefit daily, with patient care improving.”

What follows are some compelling success stories evidencing the substantial value of the CrossTx CCM program for rural-based hospitals and health centers.

Based in New MexicoGila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) has been caring for patients in this rural part of New Mexico for over 100 years. With a powerful regional connection to the community, GRMC began its chronic care and principal care journey in the late fall of 2020. Registered nurses Jesse Doubrava and Angie Cox stepped into the roles of care coordinator for the family medicine clinic and their cardiology specialty clinic, following an intensive CrossTx CCM onboarding session with Faith Jones—a trusted CCM subject matter expert with HealthTechS3, as well as Brad Putnam, Client Success lead for the Bozeman, Montana-based CrossTx.

Establishing a series of goals for patient benefit, as well as community and GRMC reimbursement, the turnkey, compelling CrossTx implementation led the GRMC team to immediately surpass CCM expectations.

Now with the CrossTx CCM suite in place, GRMC providers know exactly which of their patients would benefit from care coordination and eagerly refer them. In a very short period of time, GRMC runs a state-of-the-art, Medicare reimbursable CCM program thanks to the CrossTx platform, as well as the dedicated team at GRMC. A thriving CCM program, as well as Principal Care Management (PCM) program ensued.

Meanwhile in GRMC’s Cardiology group, patients were already remotely monitored using Kardia devices. As they signed consent forms, they were moving forward and managed with a comprehensive care plan in place as part of a remote patient monitoring program. Enter CrossTx implementation and the GRMC team has enabled an end-to-end Chronic Care Remote Physiological Monitoring (CCRPM), now with not only state-of-the-art care coordination and management but also turnkey billing for Medicare reimbursement.

Based in the Columbia Basin in Washington StateSamaritan Healthcare is a multifaceted healthcare organization located in Moses Lake—organized as Grant County Public Hospital No. 1. Founded back in 1947, this rural critical access hospital is committed to improving the health and well-being of the people in this region. Nicole Talbert, RN, a Clinical Care Coordinator, reports on the benefits of CrossTx: “We began our care coordination program with a small grant. The CrossTx platform helped us track and report auditable and accurate numbers for the grant, as well as receive significant reimbursements for Medicare Chronic Condition Management, leading to sustainability for our care coordination program.” Ms. Talbert continued, “With CrossTx, we are able to accurately report on results to a grantee and generate significant reimbursement for Chronic Care Management with the same platform.”

Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center (CVRMC), a rural critical access hospital in Arizona, has roots going back to this region for a century. Providing healthcare for about 30,000 residents in the Copper Corridor area, the advanced rural-based health center offers innovative medical services for a range of major conditions.

Margo Flores, Patient Care Coordinator, helps lead care coordination there for CVRMC and recently shared the benefits of working with CrossTx:  “Working with the CrossTx platform gives us a compelling platform to communicate across various groups and teams resulting in a seamless, coordinated and holistic patient care.” Ms. Flores continued, “The CrossTx platform tracks all of our patient encounters and the associated time spent with each patient so billing at the end of the month is a breeze.” Ms. Flores finished, “The CrossTx platform helps us provide extraordinary care for our Medicare patients while maximizing our reimbursement from our care coordination program.”

Considerably to the east in the state of IllinoisCarlinville Area Hospital committed to the development of a state-of-the-art rural hospital with superior local healthcare services; this 25-bed acute bed hospital has used CrossTx for several years now. An easy-to-use, compelling system, Case Manager/Care Coordinator Kathy McQuade, RN, MSN reports, “We have been using the CrossTx program for seven years now, and it is so easy to use. This program has really helped us maximize our Medicare Chronic Condition Management program. CrossTx allows us to track and care for far more patients than we could without it. The support system is always available to problem solve or answer any questions as soon as they come up.”

Back in the Intermountain West in Thermopolis Wyoming Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital has operated a committed healthcare institution, dedicated to quality health delivery since its founding in 1958. With state-of-the-art technology and dedicated healthcare professionals, Jeri Slover, RN recently shared her recent experience with the CrossTx platform: “I recently took over a Medicare chronic condition management program for this hospital involving five clinics. I have found the CrossTx platform to be very intuitive and easy to use. The software product has directly supported my jumping right into caring for our patients rather than spending time trying to learn a difficult to use piece of software.”


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