As a major player in the industry of a wide concept of health, the international medical nutrition and health brand VIK has achieved innovative breakthroughs first from the basic nutrition to the advanced nutrition, then to the medical-grade products with a diversified and refined health solution approach, thus providing new impetus for the development of the healthcare industry.

On September 29, VIK has held a press conference with leading global suppliers, international media and partners in Düsseldorf, Germany, in order to publish its Global Brand Strategy.

The international authority for krill oil has certified the Schleiden Memorial Edition of the VIK product as the “Centennial Series Nutrition” and issued a special certificate that highlights the product quality as the leading industry brand.

One of the leading international suppliers from Belgium, Lambo, has teamed up with VIK to release the next phase of strategic collaboration and jointly usher in a new era in the healthcare industry.

VIK has been intensively involved in the fields of life sciences and medical health over the years, drawing on two large scientific research laboratories, such as the Hannover Medical Nutrition Research Center (Medizinische Ernährungsforschungszentrum Hannover) and the Frankfurt Biomedical Experimental Base (Biomedizinische Versuchsbasis Frankfurt). VIK continuously introduces a variety of marine phospholipid-based health products by leveraging global R&D and supply chain resources. These products cover a wide range of nutritional needs of users to improve health in the areas of: heart and brain, eyes, skin and joints.

Currently, VIK’s main product is based on pure Antarctic krill oil with 59.8% marine phospholipid. Through the use of leading technologies, such as the eco-harvesting in the Antarctic fishery of fresh shrimp and the Flexitech fresh extraction, the natural nutrients are converted into dietary supplements while fully preserving the nutrient essence from the Antarctic waters at the same time.

It was certified by the international authority IKOS with the “Market Preferred Award” and the “Dual Certification” for 100% pure oil from ORIVO and thus received high recognition in the industry.

VIK’s patented reduced coenzyme has risen to the top of Tmall’s V list. Due to its excellent quality and tenfold absorption, it can be used for many purposes, ensuring strong protection to preserve the heart muscle.


Dr. Spanholtz GMBH

Robert Branderhorst

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