Essential Guidance for Ensuring Sexual Well-being

Men’s Health Month is observed in June, focusing on raising awareness about the unique health challenges faced by men, including issues related to sexual health. This month provides an opportunity to address the distinct health concerns affecting men of all ages, particularly amidst a concerning rise in global rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as reported last month by the World Health Organization.

In honor of Men’s Health Month, Dr. Justin Dubin, a distinguished Urologist and Men’s Health Specialist at Memorial Healthcare System in South Florida, is passionate about assisting individuals in safeguarding their sexual health. Emphasizing the critical importance of preventive measures, Dr. Dubin advocates for safe sex practices, stressing, “Given the alarming surge in STI rates, it is imperative for men to prioritize consistent and correct condom usage. Utilizing reliable protection substantially reduces the risk of disease transmission, ensuring both the well-being of you and your sexual partners.”

To further support men in navigating their sexual health journey, Dr. Dubin provides the following expert tips:

  • Practice Safe Sex: Advocate for the consistent and correct usage of condoms to mitigate the transmission of STIs and unintended pregnancies. When it comes to condom use, Trojan Brand Condoms have a diverse range of options to satisfy both you and your partner, including Bareskin, Raw, Ribbed, Ultra-Thin, and more, catering to diverse preferences and requirements.
  • Get Tested Regularly: Stay up to date with routine screenings for STIs, especially after instances of unprotected sex or alterations in sexual partners. Regular testing facilitates early detection and prompt intervention if necessary.
  • Communicate Openly: Encourage candid and transparent communication with sexual partners regarding concerns pertaining to sexual health, historical testing outcomes, and individual preferences. Establishing an environment of openness and trust is pivotal for fostering healthy relationships.
  • Prioritize Prevention: Remain informed about developments regarding STIs, HIV, and viral hepatitis, and keep up to date with necessary vaccinations and preventive measures whenever feasible. Education and awareness are essential in combating the spread of sexually transmitted infections, serving as vital tools in maintaining sexual health.

Guiding men to make informed choices about their sexual health is key for men to live their best and healthiest lives, especially during Men’s Health Month,” concludes Dr. Justin Dubin. “However, the significance of ongoing awareness and proactive measures should not just be something men take seriously in the month of June, but throughout their lives. It is important that we remember, our sexual health is a window into our overall health, and what we do today will impact our future sex lives and future wellness.”


Dr. Justin Dubin: @justindubinmd on IG/X/TikTok; Man Up Podcast: @themanuppod

Kaitlin Boyle,

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