INVI MindHealth, a mental health technology company, proudly announced the successful close of its $1.5 million Series Seed funding round. The proceeds from this funding round will be strategically utilized to enhance the current INVI Mindhealth application, driving innovation to improve user experience and the integration of content from experts on a range of mental health topics and solutions. Funds will also help to create a robust dashboard tool for leaders called “Overwatch,” so leaders can monitor and support the wellbeing of their teams.
“INVI MindHealth was started after multiple SEAL Team teammates of mine took their lives,” said Jonathan Wilson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “The Veteran suicide rate was moving in the wrong direction and the current medical model felt ill-equiped and overwhelmed in addressing this epidemic. Realizing that mental health challenges were not agnostic to just Veterans but impact almost everyone, we felt an obligation to do something about it. This investment will accelerate the development of our innovative mental health platform,” Wilson said.
INVI MindHealth has partnered with first responders and government agencies, such as a Los Angeles based Special Tactics Team. Team leaders and 35 SWAT officers are leveraging the platform to enhance understanding of their mental health, improve overall wellbeing, and provide appropriate overwatch for each other. The platform will help this team mitigate the effects of high stress environments on the nervous system by offering tools and insights based on rigorous research.
In addition, INVI Mindhealth is researching to deepen the understanding of boundary-pushing mental health treatments. In collaboration with a leading university in Texas, the company is conducting a longitudinal observational pilot study involving 40 veterans with PTSD undergoing psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. The study will include clinical and neurobiological assessments, with INVI collecting biometric data through wearable devices and capturing participants’  baselines and changes induced by the psychedelic intervention focusing on heart rate variability, heart rate and sleep.
Founded in 2020 during Wilson’s studies at The University of Oxford, INVI MindHealth aims to revolutionize mental health care by utilizing predictive analytics to detect decreases in mental wellbeing. The platform combines biometrics, deep learning analytics, artificial intelligence, and human networks to offer comprehensive mental health solutions. It creates a support team to help people in need, and offers personalized solutions that address the unique challenges faced by those in high-stress professions.
INVI MindHealth’s app is available to iOS and Android users. It leverages the connectivity of the autonomic nervous system and the mind to provide actionable analysis. INVI features a unique swim buddy system that keeps you connected to your teammate and your team where you can share your MindScore™ with one buddy or your entire team. INVI sends alerts if your buddy goes dark to establish accountability and support. INVI allows you to connect your wearable devices (Apple Watch, Garmin, etc) and your Apple Health data. 
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