New mobile app provides convenient way for travelers, event guests, employees and students to share health information on demand

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#COVID19–GoMeyra, an innovative cloud software company that helps medical laboratories process samples faster and more accurately, has launched a free mobile app for sharing COVID-19 vaccination verification or PCR and Rapid Antigen test results called GoMeyra Pass.

Now available in the Apple and Android app stores, GoMeyra Pass enables labs, healthcare providers, enterprise-level organizations, universities, and travel and event companies to offer patients, students and customers an easy way to show proof of a vaccination or negative COVID-19 result on demand and in real time.

GoMeyra Pass integrates with GoMeyra LIMS – the fastest lab information management system on the market that allows its nationwide network of accredited laboratories to provide COVID-19 test results within 24 hours. With dozens of labs across more than 10 major U.S. markets and growing, GoMeyra’s nationwide network provides organizations with a free, convenient solution to validate the health of their customers, employees, guests or students. GoMeyra Pass also can be integrated with out-of-network labs at no cost.

“Our lab and medical provider partners were looking for a simple reporting system they could offer to their patients for sharing test results or vaccination proof. GoMeyra LIMS’ growing, integrated laboratory network gives us a nationwide infrastructure to meet that need, and that’s how GoMeyra Pass was born,” said GoMeyra Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jaswant S. Tony.

How GoMeyra Pass works:

When a patient is vaccinated or tested at a healthcare facility or laboratory within GoMeyra’s network, GoMeyra LIMS assigns a QR code to identify the patient throughout the process. For out-of-network labs, the system generates QR codes upon integration. As soon as a vaccination is administered or COVID-19 test results are available, updates automatically appear in the patient’s GoMeyra Pass app.

For enterprise-level organizations, GoMeyra SCAN – a customized app and portal administrators use to scan an employee’s, student’s or customer’s QR code for validation – integrates with GoMeyra Pass, allowing officials to identify an individual and verify vaccinations or test results before granting admittance to offices, school campuses, modes of transportation and event venues.

“Even if you’re vaccinated, proof of a negative COVID-19 test may be required as a condition of returning to work, getting on a plane, entering a large-scale event or possibly even at your local bar or restaurant. As a validation system and free, user-friendly app that works on any smartphone, GoMeyra Pass streamlines that process,” said Tony. “GoMeyra is already speeding up COVID-19 testing in labs across the country through our LIMS solution, so GoMeyra Pass is a natural evolution to support people trying to get their lives back to normal.”

Among the progressive organizations already partnering with the new GoMeyra Pass are North America’s largest provider of travel medicine and immunization services; mobile units handling onsite testing for major sports arenas and entertainment venues; and a healthcare provider handling testing for athletes, competitors and staff of nationally televised events, including professional combat sports, pageants, and strength and endurance competitions. Every day, more laboratories and medical providers are relying on the new app to provide COVID-19 vaccination and testing verification.

There is no setup or per-transaction fee for organizations to integrate GoMeyra Pass with their databases or registration networks. And, while there is no cost to add the validation power of GoMeyra SCAN, labs outside of the network will incur a per-scan fee. GoMeyra also can customize an organization’s existing customer-facing app to integrate GoMeyra Pass and GoMeyra SCAN capabilities for an all-in-one solution. Visit for more information.

About GoMeyra

GoMeyra is an innovative cloud software company dedicated to providing enterprise technological solutions for medical laboratories. Its premiere product, GoMeyra LIMS, is a comprehensive, fully customizable, cloud-based laboratory information management system that can be onboarded with unprecedented speed – in as little as two days. World-class scientists, lab informatics experts, enterprise-level software engineers and technology architects tapped decades of experience in designing GoMeyra with proprietary capabilities that help laboratories easily operate with as much automation, contact-free processes and regulatory compliance as possible.

GoMeyra LIMS alleviates bottlenecks and increases efficiency challenges inherent in laboratory workflows. The system comprises innovative features such as the employer-facing GoMeyra SCAN app – a customized portal that allows administrators to scan an employee’s or a student’s QR code or badge to validate test results and vaccinations, and authorize returns to work or school; a connected lab-to-lab network for overflow testing, reference specimens and correlation; front-end LIMS integration with client electronic medical records (EMR); digital scanning for monitoring and recording the journey of each specimen in real-time; flexible batch scalability that coordinates instrumentation with sample volume and labs that conduct pooled testing; built-in inventory management; and much more.

For more information, visit or follow @gomeyra on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube. Email or call (844) 203-3960 for a GoMeyra LIMS demonstration.


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