Personalized Nutritional Guidance from Pre-Op to Recovery to Improve Surgical Outcomes Across Diverse Medical Fields

Hologram Sciences, a leader in health technology and personalized nutrition, is collaborating with Mayo Clinic for the development of the ‘Precision Nutrition Platform’. This initiative employs advanced machine learning and adaptive technologies, drawing on the clinical insights of Mayo Clinic through a know-how agreement with the goal of addressing the widespread challenges of malnutrition in surgical recovery and enhancing patient care across multiple disciplines.

A key feature of the platform will be its predictive analytics capability, which can identify potential health risks based on dietary patterns and suggest preventive measures directly to patients. These proactive interventions have the potential to be instrumental in optimizing patient outcomes and supporting lasting habit change, marking a shift from reactive to proactive patient care.

Malnutrition poses a significant challenge in hospital environments, affecting patient recovery, outcomes, and readmission rates. Approximately 42% of hospitalized adult patients are malnourished.1 Malnourished hospitalized patients are 56% more likely to be readmitted2 and cost twice as much to treat versus their well-nourished counterparts.3 The Precision Nutrition Platform addresses malnutrition holistically, consistent with emerging gold-standard protocols like Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS), which puts significant emphasis on nutrition.

Hologram Sciences will develop a new Precision Nutrition Platform for application in clinical settings, integrating Mayo Clinic’s protocols and expertise. The overall platform will leverage Hologram’s personalized nutrition infrastructure, which has been evolving since 2015 to optimize for patient engagement and habit change.

Manpreet S. Mundi, M.D., Medical Director of Clinical Nutrition and an expert in bariatric care at Mayo Clinic, and his team will provide insights to the development process to ready this system for clinical practice.

Clinical Impact of the AI-Enabled Precision Nutrition Platform

The platform intends to provide a dual-interface system, tailored for both patient interaction and physician monitoring. Patients can engage with the platform for customized coaching and feedback, directly impacting their nutritional journey and recovery process. Concurrently, physicians can access a separate interface with the goal of enabling them to closely monitor their patients’ adherence to clinical protocols. The system will alert physicians and clinical staff if direct intervention is needed.

An additional aim of the platform is to enable scalable interactions between Registered Dietitians and patients, which would allow more patients to benefit from their specialized expertise. Combining this personal interaction with a robust nutritional database and a UI that has been fine-tuned to support habit change gives the Precision Nutrition Platform the potential to be a powerful tool in the hands of both patients and healthcare professionals.

First Stress Case: Bariatric Procedures

Initially focusing on bariatric and gastrointestinal surgeries where nutrient absorption is critical, the platform will seek to support patients through pre-surgery preparation and a two-year post-surgery recovery process, offering personalized dietary plans, guidance, and monitoring.

Additional features will include an interactive interface to foster community engagement and provide on-demand access to Registered Dietitians. This human touch seeks to complement the protocol-driven guidance, ensuring a well-rounded patient support system.

Ian Brady, CEO of Hologram Sciences, speaks on the initiative: “Our collaboration with Mayo Clinic is a significant stride in leveraging our technology to personalize patient care. The Precision Nutrition Platform’s goal is to build on our extensive technical capabilities and human insights collected over eight years to meet the intricate nutritional requirements of patients undergoing surgical procedures, ensuring a more successful recovery and long-term wellness.”

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