New device developed with Leapfrog standards compliance in mind

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#LeapfrogGroup–In response to market demand for accurate and upgradable hand hygiene compliance monitoring, Vitalacy, Inc., today introduced a new, entry-level SmartBadge to its suite of patient safety products. Designed to fit behind a healthcare provider’s ID badge, the device captures and delivers individual-, unit- and facility-level hand hygiene performance data to hospital leaders responsible for quality, safety, and infection control and prevention.

“The SmartBadge enables healthcare systems to meet the Leapfrog Group’s hand hygiene practice standards at a competitive price point,” said Vitalacy CEO and Cofounder Janel Nour-Omid. “With our SmartBadge, organizations can begin monitoring and measuring compliance the right way, giving them a benchmark upon which to improve,” Nour-Omid stated. “They can choose to upgrade to our SmartClip or SmartBand to further spur hand hygiene improvement with real-time reminders at the point of care.”

Healthcare organizations increasingly turning to electronic hand hygiene monitoring

To meet the Leapfrog standards, healthcare organizations must complete 200 observations of hand hygiene opportunities per month per unit, with the observations occurring across all days of the week and all shifts. Because of the difficulty and the inherent bias of doing these observations through direct human monitoring, organizations are increasingly turning to electronic hand hygiene monitoring solutions to meet Leapfrog’s criteria.

With healthcare organizations still recovering financially from COVID-19, the Vitalacy team finds them looking for a cost-efficient, yet accurate and effective way of improving hand hygiene compliance, which research studies have linked to lower healthcare-acquired infection rates.

Vitalacy’s additional hand hygiene monitoring devices, SmartClip and SmartBand, provide real-time hand wash reminders at the point of care. The SmartBand has the additional feature of monitoring wash duration and coaching care providers to extend the time they wash their hands. Vitalacy’s experience with St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children in Queens, New York, showed a correlation between longer hand wash duration and reduced healthcare-acquired infections.

The SmartBadge is the latest addition to the Vitalacy Patient Safety Platform – a suite of products including hand hygiene compliance monitoring, workflow and nurse rounding monitoring, contact tracing, and a fall risk alert.

About Vitalacy

Vitalacy is a health and hygiene technology company focused on providing caregivers and patients with a safe and confident care experience through automation. Vitalacy monitors hand hygiene compliance with real-time reminders at point of care through smart sensors and wearables that improve outcomes and save lives.


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