End-to-end virtual care solution ensures safe, rapid access for all patients in need of specialty care resulting from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#carecoordinationSafety Net Connect (SNC), a leading provider of innovative healthcare technology solutions, announces the expansion of its Converge “Next-Generation Telehealth” solution with integrated eReferral, eConsult, and Televisit telehealth technologies. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic SNC has enhanced the Converge platform to provide an end-to-end virtual care solution supporting the safe, secure, and rapid access to specialty care services.

“Because of the pandemic, many patients have delayed seeking care for medical conditions that have been unmanaged or exacerbated during the lock-down,” explained Stan Frencher, MD, MPH, CEO of HubMD – a virtual medical group of physician specialists. “And because these patients are often higher-risk, it’s critical that we provide high-quality, coordinated telehealth that is equal to (if not better than) an in-person consultation.”

Unlike a stand-alone Televisit solution, which simply changes the location of care without addressing issues of physician availability, referral management, and medical necessity of appointments, the Converge platform actually increases physician capacity and improves care delivery by:

  • Incorporating eConsults as the first step of a specialty referral– As an asynchronous telehealth solution, eConsult enables a specialist to provide guidance and advice that will impact as many as 8-10 patients in an hour, while seeing patients face-to-face might result in only 8-10 visits per day.
  • Decreasing the number of unnecessary specialist/patient visits– Often an initial specialty visit is used to gather necessary data or test results; eConsult shifts the pre-specialty work forward for a more informed, efficient first visit.
  • Increasing ease-of-use for the Patient – When a specialty visit is required, Converge provides the patient with appointment reminders and a “one-touch” click to launch a HIPAA-secure Televisit.
  • Improving ease-of-use for the Physician – Converge provides the primary care physician with the virtual care tools they need to continue to serve their patients and adapt to the rapidly evolving changes in healthcare.
  • Increasing Equitable Access to High-Quality Care – with the combination of asynchronous to synchronous solutions, Converge both increases access and enhances physician-to-physician communication for optimal patient care.

“Moreover, by applying telehealth strategically and intentionally with vulnerable populations in mind,” added Dr. Frencher, “we can ameliorate health inequities in access rather than see that divide widen.”

About Safety Net Connect

With a mission to improve health equity, Safety Net Connect (SNC) has been the leading creator of innovative health care technology, making it easier for providers and institutions to improve quality, streamline care coordination, promote evidence-based practices, and increase access to care. Since 2009, SNC has helped public and private health care organizations across the nation, successfully reach millions of low-income, underserved individuals with affordable, effective patient-centered care. For more information, please visit www.safetynetconnect.com


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