COVID-19 has put increasing pressure on American healthcare budgets, Realm Health provides affordable solutions

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lindsey Healthcare Holdings, LLC (Lindsey Health) – As COVID-19 continues to negatively impact the lives of American individuals and their small businesses, Lindsey Health is proud to be part of the solution. Late in 2019, Lindsey Health introduced Realm Health to its portfolio of healthcare solutions to service America’s small businesses with access to affordable health insurance.

“I have been working in the healthcare space for over three decades in various capacities, but always with a single-minded focus and vision. I want to see the day when all Americans have access to affordable, quality healthcare,” said David Lindsey, Founder and CEO of Lindsey Health. “The Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans are completely overpriced for the small business owner and their employees. We want to step up and offer affordable healthcare programs.”

Realm Health’s focus is to serve small businesses with health insurance coverage for groups with under 50 employees. Today, 15% of America’s truckers are uninsured or under-insured, 15% of retail workers don’t have coverage and 20% of all construction and trade workers do not have health insurance according to an 2019 workforce survey.

Lindsey added, “We are thrilled to provide customizable health insurance solutions to the people on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. America’s truckers and small business owners are what keep America moving forward. At Realm Health, our goal is to positively impact Americans that are struggling and worried about their healthcare needs and the associated costs.”

Realm’s vision is for all American’s to have access to the coverage they need and more importantly, the coverage they deserve. Each day the company mission is to spread the word; one company, one family and one neighborhood at a time. With the tremendous economic downturn this worldwide pandemic has caused, the commitment by Realm Health is critical to ensuring that America’s backbone; truckers, construction, trade laborers and retail employees are able to have peace of mind that their loved ones have access to affordable healthcare.

About Realm Health:

Realm Health is a specialized insurance marketing company that offers its portfolio of affordable insurance solutions to America’s small businesses. Aligning itself with national insurance carriers and vendors, Realm Health markets unique, innovative, and cost saving solutions geared specifically for target markets. With the healthcare crisis in full swing, Realm Health is creating cost saving healthcare solutions and discount services that people need now.

About Lindsey Healthcare Holdings, LLC:

Lindsey Healthcare Holdings LLC, commonly referred to as Lindsey Health, is a portfolio company that provides a wide array of healthcare solutions. Through its network of entities, the portfolio covers almost every healthcare category- offering products and services for all stages of life, helping people care for themselves and their families. Lindsey Health is committed to providing an alternative to traditional healthcare coverage, making it affordable for individuals, families, and small businesses. For over 30 years, the management team at Lindsey Health have brought to market, more than 15 different solution platforms and product lines, with interests in unique segments of the healthcare industry. This includes medical, dental and vision solutions, as well as membership-based health and wellness plans. Each platform in the portfolio offers products and services that can be customized for the specific needs of a member or group.


Lindsey Healthcare Holdings, LLC

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