LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CompetitiveIntelligence–A well-known market intelligence company, Infiniti Research, has worked with 100+ companies in the healthcare industry across the globe. Our expertise in the field of healthcare market research enables us to offer tailored solutions that empower healthcare providers to become well-positioned for the future.

Constant cost pressures coupled with rising expectations to reduce time to market have resulted in medical device manufacturers increasingly engaging in outsourcing their device manufacturing and assembly in full or partially. This allows medical device companies to focus more on their core competencies while capitalizing on opportunities for cost reduction and speed to market. But are these the only factors that companies must consider before committing to a medical device outsourcing partner? Experts at Infiniti Research believe that there is much more to evaluate and measure when it comes to medical device outsourcing, especially in terms of adhering to the required quality standards. From the common pitfalls to assessing an outsourcing partners’ vertical integration capabilities, Infiniti’s latest article encapsulates the core benefits and the many factors to consider before engaging in medical device outsourcing.

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According to healthcare industry experts at Infiniti Research, some of the key challenges of medical device outsourcing include:

  • Threat of loss of private and technical proprietary information
  • Unfavorable reimbursement policies
  • Delay in contractual obligations by the outsourcing partner
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