SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–G-SOL Corporation Co., Ltd. which had developed the technology of G-SOL®, is an eco-friendly new bio-material company that strives to improve and contribute to humanity’s health and the earth’s environment. G-SOL Corporation specializes in developing innovative technologies for enhancing hygiene and prevention of epidemics in the post-COVID-19 era.

How Prevention of Epidemics will Change in the Post-COVID-19 Era?

The world will always be surrounded by harmful viruses like COVID-19. There will be different mutated strains found for the new virus strain and they will create the endemic disease pattern. Because G-SOL®’s killing mechanism of the virus is destroying the cell of the virus, G-SOL® can kill new viruses as well as mutated strains and prevent secondary infection of the viruses. Thus, G-SOL® is the most effective way to prevent infection of the viruses. For the preparation of the post-COVID-19 era, incorporating G-SOL® products into basic personal hygiene habits will enhance your overall health.

Innovative Long-Term Surface Sanitizing Efficacy

G-SOL® particle’s excellent adhesion to surfaces is very unique. It allows G-SOL® to keep its virucidal and bactericidal efficacy (99.9%) for a very long time. Ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, etc. are highly volatile substances that cannot provide enough protection for secondary infection of the virus. However, G-SOL®’s long-term sanitizing efficacy can block possible future infection pathways of viruses to improve the prevention of secondary infection.

Various Industrial Applications

G-SOL® is an innovative sanitizing coating material (particles) that allows G-SOL® to be eco-friendly (No-Alcohol, No-Chlorine) and strongly adhesive to various surfaces. Applications in various industries as follows:

– Quarantine Products: Sprays, Dispensers, Protective Clothes, Masks

– Medical Wears: Gowns (Doctor, Nurse and Hospital Staffs), Patient Clothes

– Hygiene Products: Diapers, Women’s Pads, Silver Pads

– Household Goods: Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softeners, Cleaning Products

– Bedclothes, Carpets, Curtains, Rugs

– Underwear, Socks

– Air Purifier Filters, Air Conditioner Filters, Car Filters, and etc.

G-SOL® has launched the ‘Super Grip’, the leading brand of 3M gloves.

These various possible applications of G-SOL® to different industries will not only make the biggest impacts on the post-COVID-19 economy, but also make the biggest contributions to keep our lives healthier and safer.

G-SOL® is an approved disinfectant by the U.S. FDA (Reg. No. 3007914014) and the Department of the Environment of South Korea Government (Reg. No. GB20-21-0065). G-SOL® is registered as an OTC Drug (NDC No. 81042-010-01) with U.S. FDA as of 2020.

​About G-SOL Corporation Co., Ltd.

G-SOL Corporation Co., Ltd., is a developer of innovative technologies for enhancing hygiene and prevention of epidemics in the post-COVID-19 era.

After its establishment in 2013, G-SOL Corporation Co., Ltd. has had an average annual growth rate of 67% over the past 7 years. G-SOL Corporation Co., GP&E Co., GP&E America Inc., and enTree L&H Co. are run by the same corporation.


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