MOBILE, Ala.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Most medical practices have remained open during the threat of Covid-19 and many are dispensing medication directly to patients at the point of care instead of sending them to the pharmacy (physician dispensing).

There are major benefits to the U.S. healthcare system inherent in the practice, according to Brian Ward, CEO of DocRx, a Mobile, Alabama firm that offers physician dispensing among the products and services it offers to physicians.

By dispensing medication in-office, physicians help patients avoid an unnecessary and extra trip to the pharmacy where patients could be infected by the virus or infect others, he explained.

“This benefit is especially acute where patients rely on public transportation or ride-sharing services since these create additional points of contacts where viruses could potentially spread,” Ward said.

“In-office dispensing also removes paper prescriptions from the equation, which are handled by multiple people and could serve as a conduit for germs to spread,” Ward added. Despite a push by lawmakers and the American Medical Association (AMA) to eliminate paper prescriptions, only 44% of physicians have the technology and certifications necessary for electronic prescriptions, according to AMA.

Like all other industries, the coronavirus has forced practices to change the point of care dispensing. Recommendations from the Center for Disease Control include ensuring that patients (as well as staff) have access to hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol and to dispense medication by putting it on a clear counter or other surface for the patient to pick up as opposed to dispensing the prescription with hand-to-hand contact.

“The bottom line,” Ward explained, “is that physician dispensing benefits the patient and the community by decreasing exposure to the virus, which is a critical step to limiting the spread of Covid-19.”

DocRx is a family oriented company committed to conducting business in an ethical and moral manner. Our mission is to improve patient care while leading the industry in providing physicians a tailored portfolio of operational solutions for their practice that puts their Patients Health 1st. We are proud to offer both Patient Health and Compliance Under One Roof.


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