The Echo H2 Pitcher™ provides quality hydrogen water for busy lifestyles

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#cognitivefunctionCymbiotika, a leading nutritional supplement brand known for creating pure, clinically backed supplements, has announced the availability of the Echo H2 Pitcher™ by Synergy Science™ to its online retail store.

There are more than 900 studies on the benefits of hydrogen to our health. According to a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Research, hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant, supports cognitive health, promotes healthy metabolism, and helps in the activation of the body’s natural detoxification system.

“Hydrogen has been shown to influence detoxification pathways, brain health, healthy aging and longevity, influence post exercise recovery as well as have an exercise mimicking effect on the body,” said Chervin Jafarieh, founder of Cymbiotika. “We know the benefits and applications of supplemental hydrogen for optimal health, which makes it an important addition to our line.”

Because of the science-based philosophy of Synergy Science’s products, there are more than 3000 doctors that educate their patients about molecular hydrogen water and recommend it to them as a therapeutic benefit. There are more than 20 different patents on their hydrogen water machines, which are designed to give you the most advanced technology with the highest possible molecular hydrogen. They also pride themselves in providing, through the pitcher, nine platinum-covered electrodes with five layers of platinum. This is nearly double the largest competitor’s electrode and layer count.

“We’re very selective about the products that we add to our retail store. The Echo H2 Pitcher™ is a premium hydrogen water solution that mirrors our commitment to science and nutrition for optimal health,” said Cymbiotika’s CEO/Managing Partner, Shahab Elmi. “We are excited to provide this option to our customers and look forward to partnering with Synergy Science™ on additional products in the future. We are also excited to announce that we are gifting a complimentary 30 day supply of our powerful mineral rich resin – Shilajit. This is one of our most popular products, and the Cymbiotika family felt it was a no brainer to add with the H2 Hydrogen machine.”

Simply fill up the H2 Pitcher™ with your choice of purified or filtered water, press and hold to cycle between 10- or 20-minutes cycles. 10 minutes generates 1 ppm (parts per million) of molecular hydrogen and 20 minutes generates up to 2 ppm of molecular hydrogen. The portable Echo H2 Pitcher™ comes with a USB-C charging cord, allowing you to make hydrogen water while charging or on the go. Maintenance for the Echo H2 Pitcher™ is as easy as turning on the cleaning setting.

The Echo H2 Pitcher™ retails for $1,195.00 and is backed by an Echo 1-year defects warranty, which covers parts, labor, and return shipping and has a 30-day trial period from date of order delivery. For more information, visit the Cymbiotika website.

About Cymbiotika

Cymbiotika is an innovative wellness brand based in San Diego. With the motto, “Your mind and body deserve the best”, Cymbiotika is driven by the higher purpose of inspiring everyday people to achieve their optimal health. Founded in 2017, Cymbiotika uses the most advanced bioavailable absorption technology and sources only the highest quality plant-based nutrients to resolve specific nutritional deficiencies and support healthy aging, detoxification and longevity. Cymbiotika never uses synthetics, GMOs, fillers, chemicals, preservatives, additives or sugars in its products. For more information, visit


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