• AnovaOS™ technology platform connects biopharmaceutical companies and research sites to facilitate just-in time access to investigational products wherever patients receive care;
  • The AnovaOS™ platform integrates 130,000 active studies and 15,000 investigational products for 40,000 sites and establishes a first in kind on-demand research network;
  • Focused on serious and life-threatening illnesses, the AnovaOS™ platform supports patients with complex disease including alzheimers, diabetes, cancer, heart disease parkinsons, infectious diseases, and rare diseases;
  • AnovaOS™ is currently bringing treatments to patients with cancer and infectious diseases globally.

LONDON & CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#anova–Anova Enterprises, Inc. (Anova), an organization dedicated to accelerating clinical development with the industry’s first collaborative ‘learning system,’ today announced the expansion of AnovaOS™, a technology platform that brings investigators, sites, patients and biopharmaceutical companies together to accelerate development of promising new treatments. The platform improves trial access for sites, physicians and patients and reduces the time and cost of recruitment, enrolment and study conduct for sponsors.

The biopharmaceutical industry faces a perfect storm, including increasing drug development timelines, rising R&D cost, decreasing return on R&D investment, increasing clinical trial complexity, increasing regulatory burden and conflicted development partners, leading to rising treatment cost that threatens to bankrupt the entire system.

At the same time, demand for clinical trials is increasing as the industry transitions from blockbuster to precision medicine products, mergers and acquisitions underperform, advances in personalized medicine (“omics”) increase the number of druggable targets available to the industry and regulatory officials place increased clinical trial requirements on companies making generic and bioequivalent products.

While the traditional model has successfully developed a number of important products, the industry is faced with severe challenges that require transformative solutions like AnovaOSTM. Key in point is the ability of patients to access the best treatment, at the right time, where they choose to receive care.

Srin Vishwanath, Founder/CEO of OPN Healthcare, added, “OPN Healthcare is a specialty healthcare services company focused on cancer care, with over 1.3 million covered lives. Using AnovaOS as part of our partnership, Anova has helped us to establish a robust clinical research program across Southern California and bolster the care we provide our patients. Within our first months of operation we recruited dozens of patients into clinical trials and the program is continuing to grow rapidly.”

“Spread across the U.S., QCCA is a nationwide clinically integrated network of community oncology practices” commented Sibel Blau, M.D., President/CEO, QCCA. “Our partnership with Anova enabled our research network. With the realization of our research network, we continue to grow the number of investigational products made available to the tens of thousands of patients treated each year at QCCA practices.”

Apostolos Stathopoulos, M.D. PhD and CEO at ERC added “Anova and ERC crafted a technology-enabled program that has helped bring a promising vaccine therapy to patients with brain tumors, and generated survival data that has informed our regulatory submissions.”

Nassir Habboudi, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Celularity, Inc. commented, “Anova’s forward-thinking approach to Expanded Access has brought Celularity investigational products to cancer and COVID-19 patients in need while generating data that has directly impacted our traditional development efforts.”

Martin Walsh, President of Anova remarked, “It is exciting to see patients benefitting from this technology. We always knew patient access to promising new drugs and devices was limited. It is heartwarming to see actual patients with life-threatening illnesses securing access to real treatments they need and receiving benefit.”


About Anova

Anova Enterprises, Inc. (Anova) is accelerating clinical development with a technology platform (AnovaOS™) that brings participants in the clinical research process together to speed promising new treatments to market, at reduced cost and for a larger number of patients. We kickstart the development of new treatments through standardization and automation as no one else can do.

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